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The Wave,The Last Few Chapters.

I have finished reading the book and it is very cool although it is a real life story.This is the final chapters of the book.Everyone is happy at the ending of the wave but Robert ain’t happy at all.

This (Chapter 13) begins where Laurie is at the football team and wants to go sit and then Brad stops her to tell her to do The Wave salute and Laurie doesn’t want to do The Wave salute and most likely she left.Later Laurie and some of the Grapevine staff met at her house to put up a special edition together,the paper would then be out by Monday at lunch time.

Some of the kids were shocked of seeing the bad side of The Wave,Ben Ross read the paper of the side where the kid got beaten up by The Wave members.Robert said to David he needs to talk to Laurie that she should be joining The Wave or at least stop with the stories in the Grapevine paper.

Laurie left the Grapevine office late at school and on her locker stand the word ENEMY,suddenly the light at the hall way turn off and she heard foot steps coming closer,Laurie ran to the exit doors and it was locked and suddenly it opened and she kept on running.

She meet up with David and had a talk about The Wave,David caught up with her that The Wave was a bad idea,after that Laurie and David went to Ben Ross home and had a talk about The Wave and told Ben to stop The Wave and he agreed,”but first you need to trust me”.

As the next day all of  The Wave member were at the auditorium,when Ben was in the bodyguards made sure that all the doors is closed and locked,everyone waited.Soon someone in the auditorium shouted “There is no leader is there!”There was a projector and then Hitlers face appeared on the projector.Ben told them that they would make great Nazis and they said it would never happen again but almost did.

After he was done the kids trowed down there membership cards and started to leave and Robert was crying because he think that everything is over he would be the loser again and everybody would start to tease him again.

My response post

I think that Robert won’t be the class loser again and I think that they would like him like he was when the wave was still on,if Ben would want to go find a job,the history of the wave would always go where he is like if he wants to go get a job people would remember what he did so they won’t take him that easily for the job.

It would be very hard to find a job for Ben Ross.

The End of the story.


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The Wave.Chapter 9-12.

The Wave chapter 9-12,in this chapter Ben Ross discovers that more kids is skipping there class to get to the wave.

Ben Ross was not quite sure what to do wit the wave,it was just a history experiment that became a fad that was spreading to the hole school.Some weird stuff started to happen like the history class started to expand.Collins and his friends Eric and Brian has successfully infused the wave into the football team.

Ben had tried to find out what it was to attract these students to the wave.He day dreamed about a story in the eduction section of time magazine:Discipline returns to the classroom:teacher makes starling discovery.The coach was even thanking Ross for bringing in the wave to the football team.

Laurie had trouble to find a story for the schools news papers,then Carl said they all were talking about the wave thing in the school and it is the biggest thing in the school right now and it was in Lauries classroom.They decided to do a big story about the wave.

Laurie got home and had a conversation between her and her mom.The next day Ben was called into the office and Ben was worried because he knew it had something to do about the wave.

As Ben is setting up for a big Wave Rally in the gym, he notices Robert following him around. When he asks Robert what he is doing, Robert asks Mr.Ross if he can be his bodyguard. Mr Ross had a log thought about it and Robert asked again and said he can be his bodygaurd.

Everybody is going to the wave rally and Laurie and David was still in the grapevine then David realized what the time is and David asked Laurie to join them and she said no.Laurie and David got in a fight and David was really mad and he left for the rally.A few minutes later Alex walked in,he tolled Laurie why he left and then Carl made an excuse to get out,he said he wants to go to the bathroom and then joined Alex and Laurie.

I found that it is really confusing where David will help stop the wave,but he is also caught up into it.I think Christie will tell Ben to stop because it is going to far.I think Cristie is sometime in the book like going to be a roadblock for the wave.

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Smart Set 3.The Sports in Belgrade.

Belgrade Erena.The Erena full of sports.

This Erena is made so all kinds of sports in Belgrade can fit in there like:basketball,volleyball,handball,tennis,martial arts and athletics,they also have ice sports in the Erena.

The main hall covers 48,000 m2 , spread over six floors and accommodate 20,000 spectators.This place is also been used for festivals,culture events,trade fairs and conventions.

Here is a photo of the Erena.

The Erena.

The Erena.

Belgrade also have marathon races.

This sport is the most largest and most attending sport in Belgrade(Serbia).This sport is for all ages in Belgrade:the children marathon,the race for the youngest,the race of pleasure,the most mass attended race.

Here is a photo of the Marathon

Marathon race.

Marathon race.

The people in Belgrade also like to play golf.There are more than 50 open air sports which there are golf and water-skiing.Extreme sports are open like bungee jumping,water-skiing and paint balling.

Here are a photo of the golf course.

Golf course.

Golf course.

There are also very nice Hotels if you want to go visit.

5 Star Hotel.

5 Star Hotel.

A double room for 270 Euro.

4 Star Hotel.

4 Star Hotel.

A standard double room for 120 Euro.

I think that 5 star hotel would be a very nice place to stay in.The sports would be very nice to be in.

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The Newborn Baby Cubs.


The one in the upper left corner is my dad feeding the baby lion and the one in lower left corner is my smallest brother.


Behind the fence is the lions.The cubs where very hungry at that time they were still drinking milk.


the people in the back ground is my nephews and my grandma,they were visiting us and my father said he is going to take us to the Lion park near Sundown Ranch closed to Sun City.  The lions were 9 weeks old. There weight 80 pounds.Big lions can take down a pray 3 times their size.A lion can run up to 30km/h but only for a short distance.

This is called in Afrikaans Jagluiperd in English it is a cheetah.

They can run up to 120km/h fast.This is endangered species in South Africa.

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The Wave.Chapter 5-8.

This few chapters is where they start to form a group and to tell others about the wave and that everybody in the wave needs to be equal.

Chapter 5-9.

Laurie is starting to disagree with the wave,before that she and her family were having a discussion about the wave and her mother didn’t like that,she thinks it is kind of brainstorming the kids but her father said they will do anything these days to let the listen to the teacher and her father really liked it. The next day Mr Ross handed out membership cards of The wave out and the with an red x need to report to Mr Ross if no one o bays the rules and that people from the wave group need to get more people who can join The wave.

I think this whole thing leads to where almost the whole school is going to be brainwhashed and even mr Ross is going to be caught up into it.This experiment is going to far and mr Ross thinks he is going to add just something else like STENTH THROUGH ACTION,but all of that ads all the time and he is also getting caught up into this.I think he needs to stop now before it is too late.

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Smart set,more info on Belgrade.

Belgrade is a very perfect place it is like a utopia.

All of the people discribe it as a perfect place to live.

Transportation links in Belgrade.

  • E75
  • E70
  • M19
  • M22
  • R251
  • R200
  • R204
  • R267
  • R53a
  • R256
  • Suburban transport
  • River transport
  • City
  • City railway
  • Taxis

Here are some information on the local government in Belgrade.

Belgrade, a town in Kennebec County, was first settled in the 1770’s. Incorporated on February 03, 1796, it may have been named by John V. Davis, who was involved in the incorporation, for the Serbian, now Yugoslavian, city. One version of the story is that, after it was captured by the Austrians in 1789, The inhabitants of our Maine town, because of interest in the plight of the Serbians, named their town Belgrade. (Chadbourne)

By 1790, Washington Plantation boasted 159 inhabitants, and by the year of its incorporation as Belgrade, 250. Over the next hundred years, it annexed land from Sidney, Dearborn (now dispersed to surrounding towns) and Rome, and gave up land to Mount Vernon in 1846.

Belgrade’s population has showed continuous growth for the past several decades, slowing changing from a rural resort community to a residential suburb of Waterville and Augusta.

The town is a center for access to the Belgrade Lakes Region that attracts summer visitors to enjoy its fishing, boating and lakeside cottages.  Great Pond dominates the town and the village of Belgrade Lakes at the north end occupies a point between Great Pond on the east and Long Pond on the west.

Names of the officials in Belgrade and what their job is.

  • Dennis L.Keschl Town manager
  • Cheryl T.Cook Tax collector/Municipal clerk
  • Pamela G.Tracy Municipal Treasurer
  • Richard Carey Selectperson
  • Richard Damren Selectperson,Vice-Chair
  • Melanie Jewell Selectperson,Chair
  • Christopher Merrow Selectperson
  • Dan Newman Selectperson
  • Brittany Nortan Deputy clerk/Regestrar
  • Mery Vogel Deputy clerk/Board Secratary
  • Kathleen Ross Animal controll

The people in Belgrade like all sorts of festivals in their city.Here are all the festivals.

  • Guca Brass Festival

  • Belgrade Beer Fest

  • Summertime Jazz Festival

  • Belgrade Jazz Festival

  • Guitar Art Festival

  • Belgrade Music Festival (BEMUS)

  • Belgrade Cello Fest

  • Ring Ring

Land marks in Belgrade.

  • Stone walkway to tower inside fortress in Belgrade, Serbia
  • Path along outer wall of fortress in Belgrade, Serbia
  • Stone tower of fortress in Belgrade, Serbia
  • Fountain in front of large building.

Belgrade is a very huge city and the people in Belgrade love it their,they say it’s the best place to be.

Cities and towns near Belgrade.

  • Bosnia-Herzegovina-Sarajevo=193km South West by West.
  • Kosovo-Pristina=247km South by East.
  • Montenegro-Podgorica=275km South by South West.


Tesla Museum
Sveti Marko
Kalemegdan Fortress
Stambol Gate
  • Townhouse
Saint Mark's
St Sava's church
Knez Mihailova
Big city of lights
Kalemegdan nights
Nevski church
St Mark's

Sveti Marko's towers

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Smart Set.

This is like a project I am doing.

You are 25 years old and you are working for a Smart Set architecture and engineering design firm.This is an innovative company that has contract building huge office towers and other buildings around the globe.They are looking to expand and open office outside of Canada.

This really teaches you how much the economics is in other countries.It teaches you how much the house prize is in other countries and how much it would cost for airfare.It learns you more about the countries around the world,it expends your knowledge.

You get to now what is so great in that place that you picked and gives you more of an idea of what kind of tourist attractions there is.My place that I picked,the tourist attraction there is tanks and an old fort that was there for many years it is like a castle.There is also a huge pedestrian walk in Belgrade.They said there was ones a king in Serbia.There are a huge river that they use as transportation.

Here are some pictures.

Stone walkway to tower inside fortress in Belgrade, Serbia.

Path along outer wall of fortress in Belgrade, Serbia

Stone tower of fortress in Belgrade, Serbia.

Row of tanks in fortress in Belgrade, Serbia.

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The wave. Chapter1-4.

We started to read a novel called The wave.

It is a history teacher that tries to teach the children about history in German after world war two.

This book is a real true story. Hitler tried to kill all of  the Jews,he answered the question as a final solution,by putting the Jews in concentration camps.

Main characters.

  • Laurie(the main editor of the Grapevine school news paper)
  • Ben Ross is the schools history teacher
  • David(Laurie ‘s boyfriend and David id a football player)
  • Brad(is Amy’s boyfriend and quarterback player in football)

The story

The story begins where Laurie is mad because the people that work for the news paper,the  editors of the news paper is always late.Ben Ross the history teacher,showed the class a video film about the history that happened in Germany with the Natzis.He had shown them how the people were killed in the concentration camps,like they were put in rooms to shower and then they let in gas to kill them.Some of the people in the concentration camps survived and said”the longest you would live is 270 but most of them only survived a week.Germany killed more then 10 million men,woman and kids in their concentration camps.The smoke that came out of the chimnese is human flesh and not smoke and that came out from the remaining bodies.At the end Hitler suicide and found out he was a phsycopath in other words he was a mad man.Before the children left Ben Bross’s class they ask him a question that he couldn’t answer so that same night he had done a lot more research of what the film was about so he can answer more questions, a lot more info that he wanted to learn about Hitler and the Jews.

I would be interesting of what would happen next in the following chapters.Maybe the studants would ask more interesting answers.

Find out next week.


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Feed the children.

There are allot of children homeless and that does not even have something to eat.The NGO is an organization that helps the children that are homeless.

What do they do?

-They help them get food.

-They help them with their needs.

-They get them work side by side.


-In 1994, Steve Rosenthal took the money he had saved as an engineer at AT&T and bought a one-way ticket to Nepal. Having spent all of his life in North America, he wanted to see the world and come to a greater understanding of people in other cultures. After traveling throughout Nepal, he continued on to visit India, Thailand, Indonesia, Uganda, Egypt, Kenya, Jordan, and Israel. He met hundreds of people and began to learn of their lives, their struggles and their successes.They began set up a base and today there are more than 15,000 volinteers.

Where do they operate?

-Since 2001, they have been selected as the partner-of-choice to operate the CARE Corps program. CARE is one of the world’s largest international humanitarian organizations and works in more than 60 countries throughout Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

What is there goal?

There goal is to help the people in which countries they operate to help all the children who are homeless and children that don not even have food to eat.

Helping the little child.

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Financial crises around the world.

The global financial crises has effected the whole world.It started to show its effect in 2007 and into 2008.All around the world stock markets have fallen, large financial institutions have collapsed or been bought out.Governments in even the wealthiest nations have had to come up with rescue packages to bail out their financial systems.

On the one hand many people are concerned that those responsible for the financial problems are the ones being bailed out, while on the other hand, a global financial meltdown will affect the livelihoods of almost everyone in an increasingly inter-connected world.

collapse of the US sub-prime mortgage market and the reversal of the housing boom in other industrialized economies have had a ripple effect around the world. Furthermore, other weaknesses in the global financial system have surfaced. Some financial products and instruments have become so complex and twisted, that as things start to unravel, trust in the whole system started to fail.

So this is this is all the stuff we need to be aware of because there are allot of things happening in the world right now,like allot of mines closed down all over the world even in South Africa allot of people lost there jobs.If the market price go up again there would be more work for people.

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